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Creativeworld Academy

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At the Creativeworld Academy we offer a platform for creative exchange about manufacturers' latest products, materials and techniques. For the exhibitor it is a perfect opportunity to showcase their latest products to a highly qualified trade public and to obtain direct feedback. In this way both sides benefit: the exhibitors can present their products and take suggestions directly home with them. The trade visitors find the very latest of the latest and take this knowledge back to their business, to pass it on to their customers.

You will find the detailed programme here from the start of January 2022.

Special Interests

Special-interest items can be quickly found at the Exhibition Centre. With its ‘Special Interests’ section, Creativeworld throws the spotlight on suppliers of products related to particular themes. Below we have included a brief explanation for you of the ‘Special Interest’ category Sustainability, so that you can get a general overview.

You will find the products and exhibitors identified with the ‘Special Interest’ logo:


Sustainable birdhouses at Creativeworld

Sustainability-oriented exhibitors and their products

You are specifically looking for suppliers of sustainable and environmentally friendly products? The "Sustainability" logo helps you find competent partners.

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