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Creativeworld Trends provide fresh ideas for the 2021/22 creative season

10 Feb 2021

The Corona pandemic has kept the world on tenterhooks for a year now. This has changed a lot, because the last year was marked by more time at home, more time with the family, and thus also time for the hobby. Whilst everything has become more digital with the home office, home schooling and video conferences, analogue and haptic things have become more important. This is clearly reflected in the 2021/22 Creativeworld Trends, which send positive signals that show a good deal of freshness and respect for nature.

Covid 19 has changed the world. Suddenly there are curfews, home offices have become the norm, closed schools and children's facilities are the order of the day. People have to make themselves at home, keep the family busy. Right now, creative ideas for the home craft table are in demand. On behalf of Messe Frankfurt, the Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano has developed the 2021/22 Creativeworld Trends, taking inspiration from this newfound time and the latent creative energy. "We are looking at upcoming trends in terms of the motto: 'the ways are the goal', because we need time for most things in life. Time that we rarely have. But we have been given this time through Corona. We were suddenly no longer in a hurry and needing to achieve quick successes", says Claudia Herke, from the Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano. "We have been able to apply ourselves to creative pursuits with discipline, patience, continuity and energy. We have taken up techniques and methods again, whilst accepting successes and failures. This is why we have seized on the old saying 'The way is the goal (Der Weg ist das Ziel)' because it’s so important at the moment and particularly appropriate for the creative sector."

With three trend worlds - 'second strategy', 'flower treatment' and 'natural procedure' - the designers show a variety of creative ideas that provide fresh input for creative hobbies.

Strategy: sustainable and individual

In a society where we consume things more quickly than we can use them, the 'Second Use Idea' comes to the fore. Clothing is made new, as it were: two different pieces become one, knitwear is repaired and defects in clothing become highlights. A red wine stain is painted over to make it eye-catching and the hole in a favourite jumper is embroidered with colourful wool. The batik technique is exciting here: this huge trend from the 90s is experiencing a renaissance, with two-colour, circle and dotted batik, or the Japanese shibori (tie-dye) technique.

What is more, the shibori technique also works on paper, making further development and a mix of different materials and techniques possible. In addition, silk screen printing is being rediscovered. In this way, letterings and artful motifs can be printed on many different surfaces.

Sustainability is also reflected in this trend world with ideas for recycling. This applies to materials, cardboard and glass packaging, ceramics and worn-out items: everything becomes a valuable craft material in the 'Re-use Workshop'.

Creativeworld Trend: Second strategy
Creativeworld Trend: Second strategy

Flower treatment: delicate and restrained

Flowers and blossoms in all their facets play the lead in 'flower treatment'. It is all about a feeling of transience, poetry and expressiveness here. There is a sense of lightness and joy in the motifs, where blossoms can be painted on linen fabric, high-quality paper and textiles, with a few simple brushstrokes and watercolour, lead or clay pencils. However, a number of techniques used in the 'flower treatment' theme also require a creative commitment to an artistic task, as well as patience and discipline. This is because the techniques involved are also elaborate and challenging. For example, traditional skills such as Irish crochet (crocheted flowers) are being rediscovered. These blooms can embellish clothing, postcards and jewellery, making unique one-off pieces. Speaking of jewellery: this plays an important role in this trend world. Brooches, bracelets and necklaces with floral shapes and patterns catch the eye.

Creativeworld Trend: Flower treatment
Creativeworld Trend: Flower treatment

Natural procedure: natural and free

The need for nature and freedom is quietly and simply reflected in 'natural procedure'. This trend theme offers a multitude of possibilities whereby objects found in nature become stamps, colours or everyday objects. In keeping with the motto: 'dirty hands – happy minds' it is all about experimental techniques and working directly with and within nature. Wood and natural materials are very popular, but clay and natural colours are also used. Thus, natural colours are obtained from chard, beetroot, turmeric and nuts, using traditional methods.

With their natural beauty, objects that have been collected, such as sticks, flowers, stones, pinecones and leaves, can be used as print motifs on cotton, linen and silk. With a large selection of paints, such as oil-based colours, acrylics and ink pads, the objects can easily be applied to the different materials.

In addition, in the 'natural procedure' theme, classic DIY techniques, such as weaving, plaiting and modelling, come into play. Natural materials are used: willow, jute, rattan and cane particularly lend themselves to this purpose.

Creativeworld Trend: Natural Procedure
Creativeworld Trend: Natural Procedure

"This forecast for the 2021/22 Creativeworld Trends promises much variety and the desire for new things. There is something for every creative here", says Michael Reichhold, Director of Creativeworld, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH. " Particularly striking is the sustainable idea, which can be found in all three trend themes: if the Corona pandemic has brought about one good thing, it’s the temporary deceleration that no one has been able to escape from, and the return to regional things and the nature that surrounds us."

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