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Creativeworld showcases trends for the 2017/18 hobby and craft season

May 18, 2017

Colouring, hand lettering and all sorts and kinds of modelling clay are hot topics in the DIY sector. Soft pastel shades dominate this year’s products

At Creativeworld, which brought together the national and international hobby, art and craft supplies sector at the end of January in Frankfurt am Main, 344 exhibitors showcased the latest products and trends related to making things oneself for the 2017/18 season. Particularly in demand at the trade fair were items for relaxing and restorative activities. The faster and more optimally structured the working day becomes as a result of digitalisation, the less the notion of a technically perfect final result remains at the centre of creative activity. It is much more about the fun that can be had from one’s own creativity and the pleasure in the end result, which can well be individual and unusual. The bora.herke.palmisano Trend Bureau demonstrated this with, for example, the ‘Imperfect’ theme. The team of designers had been commissioned by Messe Frankfurt to identify the creative trends in advance of the Creativeworld trade fair and to deliberately adapt the latest currents in interior design, fashion, architecture and art to the products and themes that are to be found in the hobby, art and craft supplies sector.

Check patterns are experiencing a comeback and are increasingly being used in creative work. Naive geometrical shapes and traditional folk patterns, such as the Scottish Argyle pattern, now represent, moreover, a major trend. Over and above this, 2017 signals the rediscovery of well-established techniques, such as stamping, knotting, braiding and weaving used with a variety of different materials.

A visitor discovers the latest trends at the Creativeworld Trend Show
View of the 2017 Creativeworld Trend Show. Here, braided lamps and bottles, and jars garlanded with braids take centre stage.

Colours and motifs

Creativeworld: Lamps and table decoration in pastel
Pastels are the trend colours for 2017/18

In Exhibition Halls 4.1 and 4.2 the colour trends for next season were immediately clearly visible. Pastel is the shade of the moment. Be it soft pinks, light greens or milky blues, most materials have been kept in friendly, modern pastel colours. Often they are combined with vintage patterns and motifs, or embellished with metal foils. To go with this, there is a host of fresh and playful motifs, from graphic triangles and ice-cream cornets to butterflies, cacti and pineapples. As for motifs: unicorns and flamingos are the animals most on trend for the new handicraft season.

Moulding by hand

The Rayher company presents some of the creative possibilities for shapable concrete.
The Rayher company presents some of the creative possibilities for shapable concrete.

In an age when hands are used mainly for swiping the screen of a smartphone, there is a growing need for hobbies that involve tactile sensations: be it silky and light modelling clay, super-soft foam or malleable modelling concrete – shaping things by hand is amongst this year’s biggest trends. Shapable concrete is particularly in demand, for it can be fashioned like dough and opens up whole new dimensions in terms of concrete design possibilities. With it, people can easily produce individual, creative decorative elements themselves. ‘Shapable concrete’ can be kneaded into the desired form without the requirement for a mould and hardens completely without being fired in an oven.

Colouring and hand lettering

Colouring and writing on porcelain
Edding showcases a broad spectrum of pens, pencils and markers at Creativeworld for colouring and writing on porcelain. Trade visitors were invited to create an individual souvenir of their visit to Creativeworld 2017.

Drawing and colouring, tangle and doodle – tracing lines and colouring for relaxation continues to be popular. Hand lettering has now been added to the list – with some success. Pens and pencils, sets and books enable customers to enjoy the pleasure of flowing freehand script. And writing and lettering are making a name for themselves in other areas too: pens, pencils, markers and crayons, which can be used on all and any surfaces - including porcelain, glass and plastic in particular - to create highly personalised effects.

Favourite materials

Glass and transparent plastic were used in a wide variety of ways at Creativeworld: as screw-cap jars and vases for table decoration, best of all painted in colours or with a matt or chalky finish - or, indeed, as original, endearing little containers in which to hang up cut flowers or plants. The most popular natural materials remain cork, vegan leather and hemp. New are cross-over materials like cork leather and wood veneer fabric.

Rayer’s cork leather for sewing
Rayer’s cork leather is outstandingly suited to being sewn.

The Creativeworld Trend Book for 2017/18

Every year, in collaboration with the bora.herke.palmisano Trend Bureau, Creativeworld presents the hot DIY trends for the year. Learn more about the new colourways, original patterns and creative ideas for decoration, accessories and lifestyle in the Creativeworld Trend Book.

Creativeworld’s Trend Book can be downloaded here

The next Creativeworld will take place from 27 to 30 January 2018 in Halls 4.1 and 4.2, at the Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre.

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