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Creativeworld: Frankfurt Children’s Art – young artists show their world

Jun 20, 2017

Creativeworld exhibitors donate numerous handicraft and creative materials to Frankfurt Children’s Office. Donation campaign also planned for Creativeworld 2018

How do children see their world, and what is important for them? What issues count for them as current preoccupations, and do children have a right to a pet? These and many other questions are answered by the works of art currently on show in the Children’s Art Exhibition at Frankfurt Children’s Office. With many interesting stories about the individual pictures, sculptures and other artefacts, Madeleine Michaelis, organiser and project manager of the KinderArt!, takes us on a tour through the premises at Schleiermacherstrasse 7. She shows, for example, a work by twelve children aged between six and nine, on which they depict their rights in artistic form. Some have painted their right to sleep, others their right to education and one child illustrates his right to a pet.

“Children’s rights” by Frida, Nike, Brielle, Rosa, Viktoria, Vivian and Afornia (6 – 9 years old) – mixed media on paper
“Children’s rights” by Frida, Nike, Brielle, Rosa, Viktoria, Vivian and Afornia (6 – 9 years old) – mixed media on paper

The materials from which the young people of Frankfurt have crafted, painted, sewn and shaped their works come from German and international exhibitors at the Frankfurt Creativeworld trade fair. The fair for hobby, arts and crafts and artists’ requisites has been working closely for many years with the Children’s Office and organises annually a call for donations, addressed to the over 330 exhibitors who come from all parts of the world. After the event is over they can donate their products to the Children’s office, which in turn distributes them to institutions for children and young people in Frankfurt. “This year 76 exhibitors have taken part in the donation campaign”, says Michael Reichold, Creativeworld Director, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH. “Creativeworld is a trade fair to which consumers have no access, but by means of the donation campaign we can support young people in Frankfurt with the latest creative materials, thus making a contribution to the children’s creative development”, Reichold continues.

cCnvas, buttons, paint, newspaper cut-outs, felt
“We are holding the world together” by Kincsö und Aniko - canvas, buttons, paint, newspaper cut-outs, felt

“This year it is particularly striking that many children are taking the refugee crisis as the subject of their artistic endeavours. Directly at the entrance we have exhibited a collage and a creation devoted to the world and its different nationalities. It is very interesting to see the materials and the ideas with which children and young people portray their contemporary influences”, says Madeleine Michaelis. Two young artists, Kincsö (aged 7) and Aniko (aged 8), explain their collage as follows: “The picture is meant to show our earth. We thought the buttons were great fun and as colourful as our earth; they represent the continents. The water is made of fluffy paper, and we really liked it. We cut the children’s figures out of newspapers; they are standing around the world. The sparkle sand in space is meant to symbolise the many stars.”

KinderArt: “Swett muffins on a tray”, by Melina, Annika, Marlene, Lilian and Laura (ages 5)
“Swett muffins on a tray”, by Melina, Annika, Marlene, Lilian and Laura (ages 5) – styropor globes, coloured fabrics, paper, decorative materials, glue

At the beginning of March the immense volume of material collected during the campaign was handed over to more than 50 institutions for children and young people. Here the carers were able to stock up with the latest products available on the creative market. The range runs from canvases, to paintbrushes, paints, pens and fabrics, to modelling clay, stamps, stickers, and much more.

Each of the institutions is called upon in turn to give back an artwork created in this way to the Children’s Office for the exhibition. “The theme for the coming round of Children’s Art has already been set. The children and youngsters will illustrate Article 2 of the UN Convention on Children’s Rights, which enshrines respect for children’s rights and non-discrimination. In this way we intend to draw attention to this important subject”, explains Madeleine Michaelis.

KinderArt: “The Meadow”, Nicol (aged 11) – wax, Indian ink, watercolour on canvas
“The Meadow”, Nicol (aged 11) – wax, Indian ink, watercolour on canvas

The pictures and sculptures at Children’s Art can be purchased for a donation to the Frankfurt Children’s office Sponsorship Fund. This fund is used to support children aged up to 14 in art, music and sport whose parents cannot manage this financially.

At the coming Creativeworld too, which will be held at Frankfurt Fair & Exhibition Centre from 27 to 30 January 2018, there will be a call for donations again. “We are looking forward to renewed collaboration with the Children’s Office. The numerous products which our exhibitors show during the fair are the latest on the international market. It is wonderful that the institutions for children and young people in Frankfurt can get to use them more quickly than the retailer can sell them in the shop”, says Reichold.

The exhibitors at Creativeworld will be showing their products covering every aspect of: decorative handiwork, graphic art and artists’ requisites, fancy work, textile design, hobbies and handicrafts. Even now just under 300 manufacturers are registered for the 2018 event, including among others coloured-paper factory Ludwig Bähr, Eberhard Faber, C. Kreul, Marabu, Edding, Folia, H. Schmincke, HobbyFun, Lyra or Rayher Hobby from Germany and Artemio from Belgium, Creative Company from Denmark, Pebeo and Clairefontaine from France and Royal Talens from the Netherlands.

Information on Frankfurt Children’s Office:

Frankfurt Children’s Office is a lobby organisation for all children in the city. Since 1991, the team has been a local-authority interest group, engaged in a wide range of projects and events, involving the questions, preoccupations, suggestions and ideas of Frankfurt children and their families. Their sphere of duties is as varied as the lives of the children themselves: wherever the interests of children are touched, they are supported rapidly and non-bureaucratically and encouraged to work for themselves in furtherance of their own interests.

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