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Creativeworld Trends 2018/19: expressiv - relaxed - puristisch

Sep 21, 2017

Creativeworld, the leading international trade fair for hobbies, arts & crafts and artists’ requisites, presents the latest trends for the DIY market. “We observe the influences of product, textile and fashion design on the hobbies, arts & crafts and artists’ requisites sector and adapt them to the product and thematic world of Creativeworld”, says trend scout Claudia Herke of Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano. And, on this basis, the design agency develops the Creativeworld trends on behalf of Messe Frankfurt. Visitors to the fair will be able to see the results of their work at the Creativeworld Trend Show in Frankfurt am Main from 27 to 30 January 2018. Using materials and tools supplied by manufacturers exhibiting at Creativeworld, the designers create extraordinary single pieces during the run-up to the fair and present them in three trend worlds.

“At the Trend Show, specialist retailers can see unexpected compositions of creative materials and techniques, which generate important impulses for their business”, says Michael Reichhold, Creativeworld Director, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH. “This year, the designers are integrating the tools and materials used into the show so visitors can see how the individual pieces were created”. The result will be new presentation and sales opportunities for the trade thanks to new product and application ideas that can be adapted for shops.

For the 2018/19 DIY season, Stilbüro has developed three trend worlds dominated by a blend of different material combinations, influences from nature and puristic colours.

The Colourist: expressive mixture of different materials with dynamic colours
The Colourist trend revolves completely around the subject of colour with intensive shades such as magenta, yellow, cyan, orange-red, azure, violet and emerald playing the leading role. The intensive colours are applied to the different materials with rough brush strokes, scrapers, stamps or templates. In this way, wood, plastic, wool, bast materials and patterned silk fabrics are given an extraordinary finish with striking patterns, painted typographies or checks. Traditional skills are tested with new materials. Thus, an ancient batik technique, ‘shibori’, is used for a variety of materials, from fabric and paper to bast. There are also many recycling ideas, e.g., plastic strips, cable and PET bottles combined with classic DIY materials.

The Colourist is an expressive, young and dynamic trend offering a host of opportunities for turning a variety of materials and patterns of all kinds into small, individual works of art.

The Colourist

The Gardener: creative inspiration from flora and fauna
Nature is a rich source of creative inspiration. Leaves, blossoms, herbs, insects and landscapes are the motifs of The Gardener for designs, three-dimensional images or embroidery templates. The trend unifies a natural range of colours including copper beech, lime, oak, sage and chicory. Sketches created using different painting techniques, such as gouache, water, oil and pastels, not only decorate greetings cards but are also used as design ideas on fabrics and porcelain. Moreover, the variety of leaves is an invitation to be creative. Domestic trees are recreated artistically on paper in different shades, and folded into three dimensions. Leaves and insects are used as embroidery motifs. In this case, a variety of shades from natural colours is used. Moreover, knitting offers numerous opportunities to add a very personal touch. No longer is the classic knitted scarf rounded off with wool fringes but with feathers, pearls or mussels.
Dark shades are used for pottery. Irregular and hand-made shapes are created by dispensing with the potter’s wheel before being glazed individually.
Sensuous and relaxed, The Gardener stands out through its natural variety offering inspiration and new motifs for all creative activities.

The Gardener

The Purist: high-grade materials given a restrained finish
This clear, puristic style is given expression through the use of high-grade materials, such as paper, cardboard, chrome and leather, and a restrained finish. In the case of The Purist trend, plain objects are turned into something special simply by using patterns. Thus, a leather shoe can become unique through the application of delicate polka-dots. Typographies for sweatshirts and hoodies can catch the eye if the letters are not printed in the usual places but run across the hood. Moreover, the contrasting surfaces and their properties generate an aha-effect. Soft and gentle meets hard and angular, shiny metal competes against dull and matt while paper thin meets strong and bulky. Thus, a fine line is drawn with a pencil on rough hand-made paper. Or bright, chromed products, such as mugs, dishes and bowls, are sprayed with matt paint. Beside white, shades of grey and chrome, the colours in this trend world range from rosé shades to dusty pink.
The Purist trend puts the focus on the quality of the materials used, which underscores the reduced, simple and high-grade style.

The Purist

Take part in the Creativeworld Trend Show
The Creativeworld Trend Show in Hall 4.1 (Stand G41) presents the entire spectrum of hand-made lifestyles: from garments, fashion and home accessories, via creative articles for the office, to gift and wrapping ideas. For each trend, workshops will be held in the Trend Show area on all four days of the fair. There, trade visitors can obtain tips and inspiration and experiment with the materials under expert supervision.
Admission to the Trend Show and the Workstation are included in the
Creativeworld Ticket.

Note for journalists
A trend collage is available for each of the three style worlds. The collages for 'The Colourist', 'The Gardener’ and 'The Purist' are available for download as a high-resolution file at

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