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27 – 30.1.2018, Frankfurt am Main

Exhibitors' comments on Creativeworld

Creativeworld trade fair impressions

Stephan Rayher, Managing Director, Rayher Hobby GmbH:


“We try to launch our spring themes in good time so that they can be showcased at Creativeworld, because there is no other trade fair where we can find a breadth of buyers like this. Consumer interest in creative topics continues to grow. Wherever we put on a professional presentation, the consumer’s interest rises. This is the reason why we are now offering customers a 100 percent solution that includes decorations, sales material, flyers, posters, banners, online content and communications material. We have yet to convince some customers, but we can see that it works.”



Martin Erler, Managing Director, Efco:


“It goes without saying that Frankfurt is the most important centre internationally. We have customers who come from Canada, from Cyprus, from America and Kuwait – from all corners of the world. Creativeworld is the only truly international trade fair.

Things are going very well at Creativeworld this year. As for the overall mood in the market: the sector remains positive, although retailers are, of course, finding it hard as well.”



Dr Nicole Blum, Managing Director/CEO, Lyra:


“We want to present ourselves to the trade and our customers with a uniform concept incorporating all our new acquisitions and Creativeworld is the perfect platform for this. We have three stands and nearly 500 square metres of exhibition space. Feedback has been very positive.”



Nils Knappe, Managing Director, H. Schmincke & Co. GmbH & Co. KG:


“Creativeworld is the starting point for our new products. We try to launch our innovations in good time for the fair because Creativeworld is the platform where we meet our customers from abroad.

The mood at Creativeworld is extremely positive. In the first two days alone, we already sense that visitor numbers in the hall have increased. We’ve had visitors registering from a total of 36 countries, and visitors dropping by our stand spontaneously as well.”



Ellen Jacoby, Creative Director, Rico Design:


“We are super satisfied. Creativeworld is like a window on the world for us. It’s extremely important for us to attend this fair once a year and, also, to see what else is going on in the sector.

Creativeworld plays an important role in timing our product releases.”



Thomas Jaenisch, Managing Director, MyBoshi:


“This is the very first time that we’ve taken part at the fair. We want to continue developing our company and have been looking for new sales opportunities. We are very happy with the results so far and the 'trade fair' concept works very well for us.

We have had many good, productive discussions with German and international visitors about cross-selling und up-selling approaches. These have shown us yet again that wool, paper and colours belong together, just like burgers and Coke.”



Kirsten Rohde, Vice President Marketing, Purchasing and R&D, Marabu:


“Creativeworld is the platform for the creatives of this world. It’s our view that there is no alternative fair to Creativeworld anywhere else in the world. We get the right customers here and we are completely happy with the event, as always. We have recorded an increase in visitors from America. The trends that I am seeing particularly are hand lettering, upcycling, and the cocooning trend, which continues to run high. There is also a focus on customisation.”



Andreas Helmis, Managing Director, Edding Vertrieb GmbH:


“Edding has strengthened its presence at Creativeworld, to penetrate further into the Hobby and Creative market sector in Germany and to further establish the brand internationally.

And so, our fair team was double the size this year, and even with this larger crew, we were very busy throughout the fair. We can say that our performance at Creativeworld has completely fulfilled what we set out to achieve.”



Charles Nusse, Managing Director, Clairefontaine:


“Creativeworld is well established as an important fair for the creative, artistic and handicrafts sector.”



Dr Florian Hawranek, Managing Director and Proprietor, C. Kreul:


“Creativeworld continues to be the most important fair for us to attend. We can showcase our products here and we get the opportunity to see all our international customers. This enables us to talk through and implement our planning, and set priorities for the year to come. The fair is very well attended. We are very happy.”



Alex Krziwanie, Creative Director, Montana Cans:


“We are very happy with our location here in Hall 4.2 and it’s a harmonious environment as well - even more so than last year. Our focus is on supporting existing customers but we are also highly visible to new customers.”



Sophia Olver, Global Communications Office, Colart:


“Creativeworld is going brilliantly for us. This year we are launching and presenting many new products, and we have decided that Creativeworld is the platform for introducing these.

Instead of primarily showcasing the products themselves, we have concentrated more on concepts this year, placing the focus on presenting the brand in an inspiring ambience and light. Our aim here is also to help our distributors and show them how they can present the products.”